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MW #330: “Close To Me”

May 29, 2020

MW #330: "Close To Me" 

Musicworks Director Jesse Neuman leads a guided listening to music that features the concept of closeness, both as an audio aesthetic and an artistic goal.  Featuring music by The Cure, Jennah Bell, Karlie Bruce + Chris Parello, Billie Eilish, Ron Miles + Bill Frisell, Jacob Collier + Daniel Ceasar (grades 9--adult)


*from the REMOTE RESOURCES section of our website:
MARCH 2020: While the Corona virus has shaken all of our normal routines, MUSICWORKS remains committed to immersive and interactive arts education.  In accordance with our mission, clients will pay on a sliding scale according to their need and ability and teaching artists will be compensated professionally.  Please make use of this content to keep us connected to learning and growing during this difficult time, and don't hesitate to reach out with specific requests.  Sending love and hope from the entire team!

we do NOT own the rights to some of this material

please support these artists by PURCHASING THEIR WORK!

for educational use only

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