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MW #327: Gentle Miles (featuring music with Gil Evans, Trane and Cannonball, “The Quintet” and the electric period)

June 9, 2020

Musicworks #330: "Miles Davis never finished a phrase..." said modern master Ralph Alessi.  He's right--no matter what period amidst his multi-decade chameleonic career, Miles always held us all in suspense and wonder.  He was NEVER "easy listening," and defied anyone to put his music into the background. Yet within all of that tension, Miles always drew an undercurrent of romanticism and tenderness for the melody and the sound of his horn.  Take a deep listen with Musicworks director Jesse Neuman to some of the more gentle Miles moments over his career.


"My Ship" from Miles Davis +19

"Flamenco Sketches" from Kind of Blue

"I Fall in Love Too Easily" from Seven Steps to Heaven

"Fall" from Nefertiti

"Little Church" from Bitches Brew

we do NOT own the rights to these songs; please SUPPORT the artists by purchasing their music!

for educational use only

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